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I didn't read one word of your rules. If you have any.


Basic Info
Name Black Mage
Age//Birthday 42/November 5th, 1955
Location Bryan's Mom
Gender Ninja.
Sexuality I fuck girls.
who is your role model?

Favorites & why
Food Kitty cat. It tastes tastey. Or
Place Cuz you need Ninjawizards.
5+ BandsM. Sord, Berwer, Hornet, Spit for Athena, Sever Red, Laurie Anderson. Oh, and Johnny Cash. (The Man Comes Around just came on. I like that song.)
5+ Books I don't read books.
5+ Movies Our Hospitality, La Jette, Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie, Lola rennt, Debbie Does Dallas
Quote/Lyric JESUS. I remember when this whole thing began. No talk of God then, we called you a man. And believe me, my admiration hasn't died. But every word you say today gets twisted around some other way, and they'll hurt you if they think that you've lied. JESUS. Listen, Jesus, do you care for your race. Don't you see we must keep in our place. We are occupied, have you forgotten what we are? I'm frightened by the crowd, for we are getting much to loud and they'll crush us if we go to far. Listen Jesus to the warning I give, please remember that I want us to live, but it's sad to see our chances weakening every hour. All your followers are blind, too much heaven on their minds. It was beautiful, but now it's sour.

LEASTFavorites & why
Food Spinache. Never really liked it..
5+ BandsBlink 182, Nsync, Spears, Incubus, Michelle Branch, Maralyn Manson, Greenday, John Mayer,
5+ Books I don't read books. Books are for dorks and geeks.
5+ MoviesDonnie Darko. Because it sucked. It was trying to be deep, and failed. Take an intro phil class and you'll get just as much deepness. OR even read a motha fuggin book.
Quote/Lyric What's wrong baby, d0nt they treat you like they should?

Your Views on...

Why do you want to be in this community?
pick one person in this community and give them a compliment
Tell us why you're worthy of being in our commuinty?

do you have a bf/gf?
have you ever been in love?
what do you think LOVE is
longest relationship?

1 picture/graphic of you sucking up to the mods
5+ pictures of things/people you love

1 picture of you without makeup or you at your worst
3+ CLEAR pictures of your face

150x150 picture for the userinfo

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just no. dont ask why.
how on earth could you reject him?!?!?! that was probably the funniest thing i have heard in almost 1 week considering the fact ive been on the news tice and in the papers because im dying or food posioning! ACCEPT HIM!
*gives you a hug*
where are you? like location wise?
Kalamazoo- Michigan - About 4 blocks away from the campus of Western Michigan University

(I have long arms)
aha! i just got back from dc with a big group of people. and 50 out of 140 of us got food posioning
That's no good. Do you know which place it came from?

Some friends of mine went to DC a few weeks ago to watch John Prine speak. (But they didn't come back food-poisoned)
well its something to do with the lunch we ate.. they were liek bagged lunches. uhm it was all over the news in minneapolis nad here(winnipeg)
That's no good.

So do you think you're going to get anything from it?

When did you end up getting f.p? I mean, was it on the way back or were you in DC or ?
on the way back everyone started to throw upon the plane
owch, that sucks
most definatly
okay I know you are hilarious! But pleeeasse don't post a whole bunch of stuff like you did in Finest Bitches..Ill change it to accepted..hold on ill get the stamp in a few minutes
Wait, only one person votes per application?
we're actually still auto accepting..i well it doesnt matter..i think when i automatically rejected you i was in a really bitchy mood
That amuses me emensly.

Spelling = no good + happy liquid
all of those jesus pictures are soo funny..did you make them yourself or did you find them somewhere?
I found them on :)
hahaha you're fucking funny.