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<u>Basic Info</u>
<b>Name: Danielle</b>
<b>Age//Birthday 15/september 11/1989</b>
<b>Location westford, MA</b>
<b>Gender female</b>
<b>Sexuality straight</b>
<b>who is your role model? this old lady i know because she lives life to the fullest no matter what happens to her</b>

<u>Favorites & why</u>
<b>Food lucky charms, because they're magically delishious of course</b>
<b>Person my boyfriend because hes so funny and even if we have a rocky relationship sometimes, he'll always mean the world to me, even if i don't show it</b>
<b>Place my bedroom and mexico because its so peaceful by the sea</b>
<b>5+ Bands dashboard, taking back sunday, jimmy eat world, fall out boy, & feeling left out</b>
<b>5+ Books sisterhood of the traveling pants, love and other four letter words, that summer, </b>
<b>5+ Movies  the craft, tommy boy, dumb and dumberer, brown sugar, napoleon dynamite, </b>
<b>Quote/Lyric "in a car underwater with time to kill"</b>

<u><B>LEAST</b>Favorites & why</u>
<b>Food liver and onions... no explanation needed</b>
<b>Person this girl in my grade, we fought over a boy, stupid i know, but shes just so into herself and she thinks shes all that and a bag of chips.</b>
<b>Place school, there are about 2000 people there but it still feels like Im alone?</b>
<b>5+ Bands GC, backstreet boys, </b>
<b>5+ Books rascal, that quail robert, slave dancer, the power, after the rain comes </b>
<b>5+ Movies hellboy</b>
<b>Quote/Lyric "just because your on a diet doesn't mean you cant look at the menu" thats awful</b>

<u>Your Views on...</u>
<b>ABORTION i think if your young or raped, its a good solution</b>
<b>BUSH or GOVERNMENT INVOLVMENT what are we doing at war when we have so much conflict and debt within our own country? I think he should focus on the country thats HIS.</b>
<b>RELIGION its not for me, but i have no problem with other people</b>
<b>GAYS love knows no gender</B>
<b>DRUGS/DRINKING drinking and weed on OCCASION. no heavyyy drugs though.</b>
<b>THIS COMMUNITY its absolutley beautiful. i love the pictures <3333</b>
<b>WHATS YOUR DEFINITION OF BEAUTY? beauty isn't appearence, i think its more of a feeling. you arent born beautiful, you have to have the right attitude. </B>

<u>US= so hottt </u>
<b>Why do you want to be in this community? i love to try new things</b>
<b>pick one person in this community and give them a compliment partlyxcloudy, i love your user name.</b>
<b>Tell us why you're worthy of being in our community? because im cute 0:)</b>

<b>do you have a bf/gf? yes <3</b>
<b>have you ever been in love? yes</b>
<b>what do you think LOVE is I think love is chemicals in your body telling you you want to reproduce with someone ... </b>
<b>longest relationship? this one... just over 7 months </b>

here are the few pictures i have:


my favorite things:

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