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"and i see your true colors shinging thorugh, i see your true colors..thats why i love you"


Basic Info
Name Hannah
Age//Birthday 14...09/23/1990
Location Winnipeg Mantioba..(CND)
Gender Female and loving it..
Sexuality Bisexual
who is your role model? Marilyn Munroe

Favorites & why
Food Tacos because they are good?
Person My friends
Place Winnipeg Beach
5+ Bands The Shins, Cavage Garden, The Postal Service, Supertramp, The Beatles, Billy Idol, Blue Rodeo, Bob Marley, Cauterize, Greenday, the Used, My Chemical Romance, Taking Bakc Sunday, Cyndi Lauper, Death Cab For Cutie, Electric Light Orchestra, Jefferson Airplane,  KISS, Modest Mouse, Offspring, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Small Faces and more..
5+ Books The Giver, Bully, Go ask Alice, The Stand, Fried Green Tomatos
5+ Movies Donnie Darko, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bully, Fried Green Tomatos, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfats Club....
Quote/Lyric  Itchycoo Park-Small Faces :
Over bridge of sighs
To rest my eyes in shades of green
Under dreamin' spires
To Itchycoo Park, that's where I've been

LEAST Favorites & why
Food Canteloupe, ugh
Person Ronna
Place Public Bathrooms
5+ Bands Insane Clown Possy, Sandbox, Ringwurm, Seven and the suns and most rap
5+ Books Almost nothing, everything I have read I liked..
5+ Movies Road Trip, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Hulk and Hellboy
Quote/Lyric Uhm, I dont have one?

Your Views on...
ABORTION Pro Choice, but the right one.. every situation is different so it all depends on the situation. If you were raped maybe it would be okay btu if you were having unsafe sex why should you do that to the child.. who will never get a chance at life.. even adoption is a better option.. also if there were health issues maybe abortion would be okay. I wouldnt even get an abortion.
BUSH or GOVERNMENT INVOLVMENT I dont know enough about BUSH to judge him, most people dislike him but me being in canada dont really know much about him. Government issues intrest me and i try to stay informed, i tihnk everyone should be informed on whats going on in thier country.
RELIGION I was raised Jewish but I dont believe in god or my religion so I think its perfectly fine to not follow a religion.
GAYS Straights? Why do we catergorize them? We are all still people no matter who you love. Dont be anal enough to think any different.
DRUGS/DRINKING I personally dont drink and I smoke pot occasionally. I really dont think either are good for you and I admire sXe people.
THIS COMMUNITY Seems pretty nifty.
WHATS YOUR DEFINITION OF BEAUTY? Inner. Its all aobut who you are inside not what you look lik eon the outside.

Why do you want to be in this community? because it seems fun?
pick one person in this community and give them a compliment. uhm not to be rude but i dont know you guys.. lets just say you are all beautiful.
Tell us why you're worthy of being in our commuinty? because i am the coolest..like way too cool for school.

do you have a bf/gf? noper
have you ever been in love? noper
what do you think LOVE is. a strong bond between two people weather its two guys, two girls, a guy and girl or just friends.
longest relationship? no clue..

1 picture/graphic of you sucking up to the mods
5+ pictures of things/people you love<=Katie

Michael^                                                        Ashley^
and...... THE EIGHTIES!
1 picture of you without makeup or you at your worst  is there anything dirtier then that.. no makeup, just worked out.. ugh..
3+ CLEAR pictures of your face

150x150 picture for the userinfo

uhm,  thats 100x 100 i dont have a 150 x 150...

Thanks<3 Hannnnnnnnnah

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Your pics are okay.. and I did like your application

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
.............accepted? Mods are too nice these days....are we still auto-accepting?

I didn't like your application....You rushed.

Marilyn Munroe
Cavage Garden
Taking Bakc Sunday
The Breakfats Club
and others......

I didn't find your pictures cute.

Being too cool for school..isn't cool....But I guess if you want to be a dumbass it's ok.

Also....adoption...That home could be worse than the one you can give it. I've been through that system It isn't so cool.
thast nice, im excepted so pah!
sorry this is such a late comment but yes auto accepting is still going on
why are we still auto accpeting?